Maximizing Client Value

Maximizing Value through Cost Management

Zinncorp’s Management Team believes in maximizing investments at all levels of the IT consulting process, which includes bringing the most value possible to our clients and to our organization.  While our competitors, may provide their consultants with substantial perks, such as cabins in the north woods, expensive, Class A office space, and lavish parties, Zinncorp takes a significantly different approach.  We believe that, while clients are happy to pay for the knowledge and expertise a consultant brings to the table, they  don’t want to pay for extra amenities in their consulting fees.  Nor do they want to pay for corporate management perks, such as private planes and massive expense accounts.  In order to minimize overhead, Zinncorp utilizes a small office in the northern suburbs for meeting space, and our staff works from their home offices on a daily basis.  This approach allows us to do two things.  One, pay our consultants a little more in direct compensation than our competitors do, which keeps them happy working for our clients.  Two, charge our clients less, which keeps them happy working with our consultants!

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