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Zinncorp Gives Back

Here at Zinncorp, our goals and values revolve around helping individuals find new careers, providing the best IT talent for our clients and ultimately building life-long relationships which benefit the lives of those that we work with. However we strive to go beyond that and do more for our local community and help those in need around the world. Each year, Zinncorp participates and volunteers in an event to package food for a non-profit called Feed My Starving Children.

As the Holidays approach, we begin coordinating with friends and family as to who will host Thanksgiving dinner, who will carve the turkey, and who has the best pecan pie recipe. It is easy for us to take all of our many blessings for granted and forget about those around the world that are less fortunate. Those that need to leave their homes every morning and travel by foot just to find clean water to drink. Those that are malnourished and starving and even parents who wonder if they will be able to provide a simple meal for their children. It is realizations like this that really make you stand back and see all the “stuff” we have accumulated in our lives. When we were at the grocery store and “needed” that extra bag of chips. Or how about when you told yourself you were going to start eating healthier and bought those avocado and apples, then watched them turn bad on your counter after eating two apples and putting an avocado in a pan of brownies… because somehow that made them healthy. Or is that just me? There are so many things that we take for granted every day, that could have made a lifesaving difference in someone else’s.

On November 20th, Zinncorp will be taking our office staff to help bag and pack food to be sent to these families around the world. For many years, this has been an annual outing that Zinncorp and its employees do to give something back to those in need. There is a great sense of victory when we make a deal, or have a big win in the office… however there is nothing more gratifying than knowing that you are making a life changing difference in literally hundreds of lives in merely an hour’s time. You have a chance to meet amazing people, have great conversation and even have some friendly competition to see what group can pack the most boxes.

If you need more justification to do this within your organization, this is a great opportunity to build rapport, cooperation and collaboration within your team. FMSC has been doing this for over 30 years, and have developed a highly functional strategy for optimizing productivity within a very strict time table. After just a few minutes of introduction and training, simple volunteers become productive, disciplined and highly functioning food packing machines! Sounds nice right? A dream team that any office would be lucky to have. It’s also a great way for new employees to get to know their team members, and develop relationships in the office. Even the most introverted individual in the office can turn into an energetic and extroverted personality simply by being outside of a professional setting.  You can even bring spouses to introduce to those who you work with… the ones you talk about every day at home but your wife or husband can finally put a face to the name.

Whether it is a company outing, a group of friends and family, or simply an individual that wants to make a difference, join us in saving lives this holiday season. Or any time of year!


Follow the link below to find out more about Feed My Starving Children and how you can join Zinncorp in making a difference!