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Zinncorp Attends 2018 TechServe Alliance Conference; Bonita Springs, FL

TechServe Alliance is the leading association dedicated to advancing excellence in the IT and Engineering Industry. Zinncorp has been a member of TechServe Alliance for over 20 years, and we attend the annual conference and tradeshow each year to ensure that we stay current with today’s leading trends and technologies in the Staffing Industry.

There was a lot to take in over the three days spent at the TechServe tradeshow in Florida this year, and as always it was like drinking from a fire hose, as we tried to soak up as much as we could. This year we had three individuals represent Zinncorp in beautiful Bonita Springs. It was the third conference I have been able to attend with Zinncorp, as it was for our Director of Recruiting and President, Melissa Zinnecker. Also attending for her first time was the newest addition to the Zinncorp team Karli Zinnecker, a Technical Recruiter.  There was something for everyone, from increasing client meetings, to increasing revenue to attracting the top IT talent on the market today.

First stop for all of us was the Keynote speaker Jamie Clarke, who is a Performance Coach that recently worked with the Washington Capitals during their victory of the Stanley Cup in 2018. Jamie put on an incredible presentation complete with (and I speak for myself) laughs as well as tears, as he recounted his incredible journey through life and his experiences as an Everest Adventurer.

Other highlights of the conference included chances to network with exhibitors who were experts in the newest technologies including recruitment tools, reporting tools, Applicant Tracking Systems and more. Each of us also went to a variety of interactive workshops in which we were able to learn about overcoming different challenges in our industry like earning more client meetings, increasing revenue and Talent Acquisition techniques. And of course the social event of the conference was the Margaretville Celebration in which included food and drink and an excellent opportunity to network with other professionals in our industry.

The TechServe Conference is a very engaging and high profile tradeshow that is equipped to inspire and educate even the most experienced executives, sales and recruitment teams. This is a conference we would highly recommend to any staffing agency in the nation, as it represents all from the small, low income frim to the largest high profit firms. Networking is key in our industry, and TechServe is simply the best at making that happen. It is the only annual conference in the industry that addresses the major challenges in our field, as well as provide strategies to overcome those barriers.